MEN GOÛT: Duc – A Flatlay Man!

Since Instagram became the fastest growing up social platform on over the world with more 400 million users, Flatlay (the new definition of art setup/arrangement on flat surface) is one of the most inspiring styles that I’ve ever seen on Instagram. And the man I chose for this entry is Jonathan Vu – my most favorite “flatlay” man on Instagram. Even though I saw many accounts who also had so many beautiful flatlays but what makes him different from the others but also the main reason I like him much is the way he brought Vietnamese signatures like “Banh mi”, “Broken rice dish”, “Spring rolls” etc…It’s so chic, elegant in the natural way. Without any try-hard, he just uses simple stuffs or seasonal items, traditional food & beverage, typical tropical fruits, put them all on the white surface, then show off his art arrangement, capture the setups and impress us with these beautiful photos as following after using some common color filters on Vsco & Instagram, I guess.

Find him on Instagram at the link below:



Here are some beautiful portrait of The Flatlay Man! I think he’s single so feel free if you like him at the first sign 😉




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