This is Tintin – A Senior Art Director of Hakuhodo Vietnam. The first time I met him is around 7 years ago I think, my early stage of using Facebook. Tin is a very nice, kind & humor man who loves to make jokes, laughing & shares his energy to the one whom he’s talking to. Time passed by, but he still looks the same, not only about his personalities, his identities but also about his outlook, even much hotter & cooler than years ago, honestly. It seems that this man stays away from the circle of aging and sometimes, I wish that I could be like him when I reach his age at this time, maybe just because he always stays positive, be active & keeps making laughs & enjoys his life despite the pressure from agency life.

We rarely catch up each other in recent years but I am still following his Facebook & Instagram. What surprised me most is the moment that I saw his shirtless photos. From a chubby man turned to be a muscle sexy man with packs & big chest! Yummy -)). I asked him about what was the motivation behind to patiently follow a strictly diet routine & hardly workout schedule. He told me that “I want to experience the feeling of being shaped, looking good at least once time in life, If I couldn’t do it, I would haunt me till the end of life!”. Then, Congratulations, Finally You Made It!

Another thing that made me feel interested and also the reason of this entry is about the concept “The Jumping Man” that he built up year ago. Of course, as a senior art director, he knows how to take photos, choose angles, select the backgrounds, do mix-match, but what I love about this series is about the positive energy that he delivered through these inspiring photos. It not just only prove for a statement about himself “My heart & soul will never get aging!”, but also let me, personally, believe that ‘Why so serious in life? We just have one life to live, make it fun, make it worth & make it yours!

Find him at:


Shirtless Bonus 😉

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