Nghia Nguyen – Trading Manager of GroupM Vietnam. A man whom I felt that he’s gay at the first time because of his style ! =)), then turned out that he’s a marriage man with a cutie angel.

He totally amazed me by giving me a honest answer when I asked him “How many sneakers that you had now? Around 80?”.

He said more 100 ones!

Ok, I’m done with you, dear! It seems that all your energy, love & money you have, you sell them out for sneakers, lols! Just kidding, anyway, If you want to know the credibile sources to buy hot sneakers which are hardly to find in stores, then feel free to ask him, I’m sure that he will be more than willing to share you with. If you want to have a lunch date for sharing sneaker stuffs together without any concern about homophic, don’t hesitate to drop him a message, he will be eager to meet you.

Then what happen after that catching-up, please don’t claim it on me ! Ok =))

10341555_911048899011342_976480239618017702_n12190941_843899152392984_6376137552859866483_n12795292_904270713022494_3697525462018122110_nFullSizeRender 1610417725_914727995310099_7946970178405710217_nFullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 15FullSizeRender 17

13576688_990797814369783_4546961691880490207_o.jpg12885763_919899054792993_7049880028070374726_o13147581_955538877895677_1279958077025405225_o10330315_917212038395028_8429059104134525110_nFullSizeRender 412924450_931076190341946_62872553492716831_n


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