Finally, I got it! I made this decision in the last moody weekend because of working pressure as bad as the uncomfortable feeling with things happened around me. The moment that I hold it in hand really made me feel a little bit better (of course with my bf’s permission :))). There are 3 things that I love about this one:

1. Yellow & black is always a perfect duo for eye-catching, I think. The point is how you play with this typical matching is the most matter. You don’t need to try it so hard, just take it simple with a big yellow rectangle at the center, outstanding enough to get people’s attention on the street.

2. The design & The form. If you have a chance to look over it, surely you will feel surprised with its details, from the outside with the waterproof fabric, the meticulous seams to the inside, covered by a beautiful yellow with 2 pockets and nice logo.

3. And the last,  also the most important one is ‘Made in Vietnam’. This is the first time I feel 100% satisfied with a fashion item that fully made in Vietnam . We always try to sell out a statement ‘Vietnamese people should support for the local brands’ without any commitment about the high quality as well as the eye-catching design, especially in fashion, people buy ‘style’, not about product function only. But from the moment that I step into Ginkgo Le Loi store, I did change my mind! I feel surprised, excited and proud of ‘Made in Vietnam’ term for the first time! Beside the backpack that I love, there are many things for your choice as gifting or personal usage from tea to coffee, from shoulder bags to totes, from gaming to stationery, from clothing to laptop cover. In terms of the cost, it might be a litlle bit more expensive, compared to similar things that you easily find out in the markets, but for all of the reasons that I mentioned above, I think it’s quite reasonable & worth to buy!

I strongly recommend that you should spend some time to visit Ginkgo Le Loi. Even though you might not find your favorite stuffs, but for sure that you will be impressed with the way they are doing – a brand that absolutely deserves to stand for ‘Made in Vietnam’ in the meaning as It should be!


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