It’s been a long time that I didn’t write anything new, simply because I am not in the mood of writing, or in other words, nothing really excites me and bring me inspirations to deep dive into it. Some of my sistas did push me to lighten this blog again, I just kept it in mind and always try to find an excuse to delay this as long as possible until today.

On the way back home, unintentionally I looked at my wrist and saw the trio bracelets, the ones that I spent almost 5mins to decide which ones that I would wear today, then a question popped up in my mind: “When did I start being interested in bracelets?’. Maybe It comes from one of my living guidelines to “not to be bored life” which is “always find a way to refresh yourself after period of time”. For internal development, I read more physiological books to understand people’s behaviors, insights as well as attitude in all life aspects, it’s not only useful for me but also my works. For external refreshment, after doing half-tucked shirts which got lots of comments from my friends, I chose to play with bracelets, esp with stone bracelets. I am a kind of person who truly believe in Feng Shui and surely this belief naturally has a strong influence on my purchase decisions. I decided to do mix-match between the stone bracelets with the different materials one such as wood, leather, silver & cotton to make them more playful & eye-catching. And there is no surprise when this action definitely got many many comments from my friends, some are positive, some are on the other side =))). I listened to all but not really took them seriously because at the end, the most matter is doing things you like to experiment, take risks or just do something different to flavor your life rather than just stand still or stay the same and see time goes by.




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