About Jonannista

Jonathan Loves Fashion even though he did not work in this “unstoppable creative” industry. It’s like when you love someone whom you could not have happy ending with but always keep that special feeling in your heart. You just stand at the corner, follow all your love’s activities, feel satisfied when he meets your all expectations although it’s definitely not for you, happy when he surprises you by his new creation cause it makes you believe that you did not put your love in wrong man and of course, as naturally, a little bit upset when he lets you down by so-so new creation or just repeat his image season by season that I used to love at the first time. Changing somehow is a way to do revolution. I say “a little bit” just because of my true love, I will still trust in him, believe in what he will do in the future – something new, something unique, something different but most important still be himself.

I am perfectionist, I do not know if it’s right or wrong but I knew that it does not allow me to be easy, especially when I do something relates to artwork.

All I share on Jonanista just come from my personal taste. I, myself never ever try to act like a tough man who always complain everything around him so please don’t take it so serious and feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences. Who knows that I can learn interesting stuff from you guys.

From Jonanista with Love, Welcome To My World…! 🙂



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